Monday, 29 January 2007

Thanks Patrick

Woke this morning to discover that my dearest friend Patrick Fillion (god of erotic art)has added a new post to his blog about the new updates to Britdoodz. I can't thank this amazing and talented guy enough for having so much faith in Britdoodz.

Also for your delectation is a photo of Calvin posing in a Britdoodz T-shirt, I would love to see more of you guys in Britdoodz merchandise. So send your photos to me and you to could be posing on the Britdoodz blog for all to admire!!
Hugz all
Shemmy xx

Saturday, 27 January 2007


Well its a very belated Happy new Year to you all from Britdoodz. Alots happened since I posted my first blog.

For starters the Britdoodz logo has been slightly altered to reflect an edgier and less coporate image. There is now a shop up and running to, so please take the time to check out the products on offer. There is also a series of new illustrations and some new wallpapers to choose from to brighten up your screen!

Work on Greek Love has come to a temporary halt, but I hope to have some exciting news about an up and coming project very soon so please keep checking back for news updates.

In the mean time I hope that you all enjoy the new images and look forward to reading your comments on both the site and the shop.

Huggles Shemmy x